What you can do to make you look your best on your wedding day.

Exfoliate & Moisturise

As a makeup artist and beauty therapist I get asked all the time by clients to “make me look beautiful”

I love my job and I love it when clients look in the mirror after I have done a treatment or makeover and they go wow “I look amazing”.

There are a few things you as the client can do that can really enhance your overall look on your wedding day and make you look amazing in your photos.

If you are going to invest in a professional makeup artist and photographer I would advise that you start on a good skin care routine and see a professional therapist about your skin. Do not start a new range or regime a month out from your wedding as your skin may go through a purge stage before it starts it starts to improve. If you can start 6 months before the big day and to kick start this a monthly facial will do wonders.

As a makeup artist my biggest pet hate is dry, dehydrated uneven textured skins – when trying to make skin look flawless and using all my beautiful makeup nothing will cover uneven textured skin without looking cakey and flat.

By exfoliating and moisturizing regularly your skins texture will smooth out and your skin will glow. When seeing my clients at a trial and then recommending to start exfoliating and moisturizing then seeing them on their wedding day with glowy skin nothing makes me happier as I know that my work is going to look so much better.

If budget and time allows I would recommend Mircohydrabrasion facials – these facials are the BEST facials ever to smooth and refresh skins gently and effectively with no down time just amazing results.

If you are unable to have a facial using a gentle exfoliant 2-3 times a week which is suited to your skin type and daily moisturizing will help your skin look its best and make your makeup artist so happy,

At Envy the Beauty Specialists the Microhydrafacial is available for $120 and our skin consultations are free.

A recent interview I did with Coast to Country Weddings

Tell us a bit more about yourself, your training and background? 

I have been in the industry for 20 years starting out as an alternative therapist/clinical aromatherapist and beauty therapist. But pretty quickly I was doing more makeup and beauty than aromatherapy. I started working for big companines like Lancome and Clarins and then moved in to salons. I worked for a couple of years as a beauty therapist/makeup artist before being given the opportunity to open my own business inside a hair salon. Over the years I have grown and grown branching out into my own salon and employing staff. Beauty and makeup have always been my passion and I continue to do take courses in new makeup techniques and hairstyling. 

What services does Envy offer to brides?

Envy is a one stop bridal beauty shop for brides from getting their body in tip top shape with toning and weightloss treatments, waxing and tanning to giving you radiant glowing skins with our amazing high tech facials. We also provide a makeup service where we can travel to the bride or the bridal party can come to us. All our brides that are booked for their makeup service receieve 20% off ALL beauty services for the whole bridal party the week leading up to the wedding

Please share with us a few pre wedding make tips to help make our skin more smooth for our wedding day?

My best tip for great looking skin is to go to a beauty therapist and recieve a skin diagnosis so you are using products prescribed for your skin. Invest in great skin care and the odd facial here and there will give your skin an added boost. If you are on a budget a great exfoliator used regulary prior to the wedding will remove uneven and dry skin.

Over all the years you have been in the beauty industry what have you noticed about your local wedding industry, that you've seen change that are good or bad? 

over the years ladies are becoming more savvy at applying makeup and believe they dont need to pay for a makeup artist and they then use a friend or family member who "has nice makeup" to do their wedding, this is not always the best idea as professional makeup is not always used and wont look good on film or wont last the duration of the day. If you want to look great in pictures use a professional makeup artist who uses professional products.

Lashes are used alot more nowadays and they always enhance a look but some girls go too far out using dance style lashes on their wedding day which sometimes can look over done and heavy. I love a really clean glowy skin with makeup that enhances rather than hides a face

Any hot tips for makeup trends in 2015?   

ombre lips are making a come back and look fantastic in photos. Shimmery eyes or wet look eyes and winged eyeliner have been seen on the bridal 2016 collections catwalks in europe. Softer eyes with coloured eyeliner and darker lips arethe go for 2016

What to expect from your waxing appointment.

A lot of you have had waxing and many of you for years and years. But do you know what is normal and what isn’t? Well here I will try and give you all my knowledge both professional and personal.

To get the best out of you waxing appointment it is always recommend that you have at least 2- 4 weeks hair growth above the skin between appointments.

This is so we get the majority of the hair in the area to come through and be long enough for the wax to grip the hair and not too long where it is a little more uncomfortable.

So from the last time you shaved or waxed you should leave it 2- 4 weeks to book your next appointment.

Regular treatments will create your hair growth to decrease and over time stop growing. It takes regular treatments for this to happen as we need to remove the hair when it is in its Anagen phase or the growing phase. When a hair is removed in this phase we cause the dermal papillae (or root bulb) to become inpaired so further growth from that follicle is stopped or it’s deceased

These are the 3 stages Anagen (growing phase) Catagen (Regression stage) Telagen (resting phase).

How to get the most out of your waxing appointment and to make the waxing appointment more comfortable.

When having regular waxing treatments it is recommended that you take up a regular exfoliation and moisturising routine. Waxing, over time will cause the hairs to become weaker and the skin to become drier. I f the hair is too weak to push through the drier skin. Ingrown hairs may occur.

That’s when using a good exfoliator and moisturizer at least twice a week will lead to better results and a more comfortable

Before your waxing appointment do not apply moisturiser the day of your wax and do not exfoliate for up to 48 hrs after your waxing.

Did you know what a normal response to waxing is?

You can expect the area to be slightly red, warm or tender for up to 48 hrs after a wax.

You can experience a small amount of pimpling after a wax especially if it’s humid or a hot day – this is due to the natural oils on your skin reacting to the new fresh skin.

Sometimes you may experience a graze or scabbing of the skin this is a common response to waxing if your skin is weakened or experiencing changes

Examples of these skin changes are : hormonal changes, dehydration, taking oral or topical medication, being on antibiotics, being sick or ill, going out in the sun after waxing, engaging in activities that cause a rise in body temperature and/or sweating and using active ingredients immediately before or after a wax.

Some clients will think this is a burn but it is just your skin responding to the wax and not an injury caused by your therapist. Our wax pots are thermostatically controlled and our therapists will always check the wax temperature on themselves prior to any waxing services.

While experiencing a graze or scabbing may be quite upsetting this will not scar if you look after the area.

Your therapist will be able to assist you in how to look after the area.

I hope this has helped you in knowing what to expect from a waxing appointment.